2019 was by far our most successful year, not because we had more guests book with us, or hunted a higher number of animals but rather the relationship and experiences we made with our guests this year.

Being in a position where you can hunt for a living and share the beauty of your country with people from all over the world is something we cherish here at Kingsview Safaris and will never take it for granted.

Looking forward into 2020 we have taken the bold step of offering hunting safaris in the following countries, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. We teamed up with respected and experienced outfitters to enable we offer only the best possible safaris to clients old and new. With the addition of the new hunting areas we have also begun the Monthly Payment Program for hunters who have always dreamed of hunting Africa but could not afford to pay a large sum of money in one payment. Making Africa, affordable and achievable.


We jump back slightly to December 2018 when the Bakke Family joined us for a short but interesting hunt. Fredrik endured some harsh conditions with the mercury hitting 42C (107’F). Hunting had to be done early in the morning and thankfully with Fredrik’s pin point accuracy, it all paid off and he left with a fantastic Nyala and Zebra stallion.

It was an honour for me to guide my very first guests from the Czech Republic. An incredible Father and Son that showed so much enthusiasm and love for hunting that I only wish I could speak Czech so we could share stories around the fire. An incredible trip with many memories and laughs.

The spirit and happiness that we have experienced with so many German hunters was no different when we welcomed the Drosel Family. What a fantastic family to be around, so much so that it almost felt as if we were at their home.

I am a big fan of bowhunting and enjoy hunting with my bow out of season. It’s a different kind of hunting but also very addictive. It was great having Tony from Wyoming head out and join us with his bow. A great hunter with patience and skills to match. Certainly looking forward to tackling more animals in the future with this guy.

Another German family, we would love to spend more time with. Nils, his wife and beautiful little girl spent a few very short days with us. Nils and Wayne had a great time working through the bush and hunting hard along the coast. Always a pleasure hosting wonderful down to earth people.

Two of Russia’s finest, Ilya and his wonderful wife made the long journey from Russia all the way to our part of Africa. An amazing couple that enjoyed every bit that Africa threw at them. Ilya and Wayne worked so well together and hunted some outstanding animals. Another memorable trip for the Kingsview crew.

Kent and Jody graced us with a 3rd visit in 2 years. It still humbles us when clients return for a second hunting trip, but a 3rd trip is incredible and we are so thankful. This trip was similar to the first 2, packed full of fun, laughter, hunting and incredible experiences. Kent and Jody, thank you both so much for your amazing support. Here’s to many more adventures and maybe even a Baboon!

The time had come for our good friends Darrack and Veronica to visit for their second trip with us. We were all very excited when the time arrived and we got this trip under way. Incredible times at the dinner table, in the bush, around the fire, in the truck, at the beach, there wasn’t a moment passed where we weren’t all happy and laughing. Great times with incredible friends and certainly now family.

The Norweigan people have carved a special place in our hearts, they are always so happy, full of fun and have an incredible appreciation for hunting and all it entails. Good people, good hunting, good wine, good memories, good times all around.

A hunting safari doesn’t have to be a long trip for it to be a successful one. Bernhard was on limited time and we hit the ground running. Bernhard originally from Germany, flew in with his wife from the UK and we jumped straight into the wildlife. Working hard we managed to get a fantastic Impala and an old Red Hartebeest bull. A fantastic achievement from Bernhard.

Making friends for life is the core of our hunting business, making friends for life that can shoot like a sniper is an added bonus! Not only is Ed a great guy to hunt with but he is also one heck of a great shot and certainly made the PHs job easier. 2021 is the year of the Ostrich.

As they say, a family that hunts together stays together! And those words could not be truer than with the Hill family from Texas. Hunting and sharing a lodge together with these amazing people is something we could of done every day of the year. Dan you have an incredible family Sir, thank you for bringing them on the trip.

  My favourite German couple! Nico and Rebecca joined us for their second hunt in less than a year. I was thrilled to have them back in camp and was determined to make it one of their better trips. We worked hard for each animal but the icing on the cake was the exceptional Kudu bull and record book Gemsbok Nico shot.

I wanted to throw out all the stops for these two amazing people. Not only was it Bill and Sarah’s second trip with us, but it was also their honeymoon. There was unfinished business with a Red Hartebeest from the last trip and a few extras to tackle. Bill and Sarah both hunted hard and made the most of their hunta-moon. Apart from some great hunting they also experienced true Eastern Cape hospitality. Amazing spending time with you both!!

We had one agenda for Brian from Georgia…..Get Him A Kudu!! This man came back for a second hunting trip and was ready to give it his all. He did just that and pulled off an incredible shot on a Kudu bull that seemed to be getting the better of us. Brian’s determination and focus kept us hunting hard each day. Well done buddy.

When Buck contacted me almost 2 years before his trip with a special request, I knew this would be a fantastic safari and one I would remember forever. Buck and Kim joined us from Georgia and the minute their plane landed I knew we were going to have fun. Buck pulled off something few people have ever done, hunting a Buffalo with a bow, an incredible achievement. This was such a great trip and I look forward to many many more with these two incredible people.

I had the pleasure of hosting Charlie, a Marine that was on duty in Japan. Charlie had a dream to hunt Africa one day and I was humbled he chose Kingsview Safaris to deliver his dream. What an awesome guy that never gives up on a hunt and believe me there was many times during his trip when our hunting skills were pushed to the limit. Charlie thanks for the great time buddy, next time you come out we going to tackle that Kudu.

We got a late request from Sebastian and Marco for a short hunting trip. Not being one to turn down an opportunity to go hunting or meet new people, I happily accepted and glad I did. Sebastian and Marco were visiting from Germany. Sebastian showed fantastic hunting spirit and left South Africa with a nice Impala and incredible Nyala bull.


I say this every year but wish I could say it every day…..Thank You to everyone that has supported us, Thank You to everyone that helps us, Thank You to everyone that works with us, Thank You to everyone that believes in Kingsview Safaris. 2019 was an incredible year but 2020 will be even better and it is because of each and everyone of You.

I am looking forward to meeting friends old and new in America, when I travel over for a visit in January 2020.


From Myself, Justine and our children Peyton and Roan …… THANK YOU!